Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Koi Pool

I thought id share a piece I recently tried to do for a colleague and Pal Lance Falk who has some of the most amazing sketchbook collections I've ever seen. He's been collecting for a long time and has some very well known artist from different fields of the graphic arts, Animation, Comic book ,ect.

Recently he asked if i would contribute a piece and i agreed.Little did I realize that the task would be more than daunting it proved to be a real challenge when he gave me the book i took it with me and examined the samples who had come before me in this book. Here's where my heart started to pound with excitement and fear.Artists like Bruce Timm, Dan Haskett, Neal Adams, Argones, Joe Barbera, Ronnie Del Carmen and many others Well needless to say the pressure overwhelmed me.So i did a little piece that was the best i could persuade out of my hand and this was it But it is great to be able to put my little contribution to a wonderful collection.

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