Thursday, January 5, 2017

Here's a little design I sketched out and decided to add some color to it .

Simba Nala Artwork I created for the Disney company

                                                 Simba & Nala form Disney's Lion King

Here's a small board section done when pooh and others think that Piglets lost forever they are very upset and walk away leaving Pooh by himself .

some scribbles

                                               These are some Doodles I drew in Photoshop

this is just some doodle done while a little bored
This Drawing of Tigger was from one of my scenes from " The Tigger Movie"
I did Character Layout and Animation ,as well as the models and Storyboard on the film, I don't know if I received credit for Story board but I boarded a number of sequences.

this drawing above is from DisneyToons Studios  "Piglets Big Movie" Back then I used markers to color in many section of my boards when I had time this drawing is from one sequence were the gangs looking for the lost Piglet.