Friday, April 11, 2014

Development design

A Toonboom sketch with some Photoshop help

Digital Study for Character.

This is a quick Color Study of a character I'm developing. I really want to get more paintings going for visual Development of my Films.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pre_Vis Piece

Been Busy and Away for awhile wanted to refresh the page with some Scrbbles hope you all enjoy

Heres a pre-vis Piece for a Project I cant Speak about as yet.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ATigger Movie Drawing from a sc I had Layout But not used as is.

I had a group of scenes where Tigger is talking while he is searching for something , I canjt remeber what at the moment when he pulls from the container Jimmine Cricket. I thought it was funny as did others but it was to far off base for what the scene was calling for in the end i think he pulls out a aock or some other nodiscript object.
The drawing was done so i keep a copy of it for myself.

Piglets Big Movie Poster that I created for the movie.

Irember drawing a number of posters for this film as well as The "Tigger Movie " for Disney while there i will share some of them at some point along with the roughs i have to show how close they followed the drawings .

Life drawing i did while at Disney In one of the Life classes

I went wild using all types of media on this when we had the class i cant remember the date it may be on the page but it was around 1997-8?