Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ATigger Movie Drawing from a sc I had Layout But not used as is.

I had a group of scenes where Tigger is talking while he is searching for something , I canjt remeber what at the moment when he pulls from the container Jimmine Cricket. I thought it was funny as did others but it was to far off base for what the scene was calling for in the end i think he pulls out a aock or some other nodiscript object.
The drawing was done so i keep a copy of it for myself.

Piglets Big Movie Poster that I created for the movie.

Irember drawing a number of posters for this film as well as The "Tigger Movie " for Disney while there i will share some of them at some point along with the roughs i have to show how close they followed the drawings .

Life drawing i did while at Disney In one of the Life classes

I went wild using all types of media on this when we had the class i cant remember the date it may be on the page but it was around 1997-8?

Doodle day galore

Unfinished Doodles

Im forever doodling things and wanting to finish them work and life get me side tracked from these and so they remain happy doodles. these are for a story i read a series of childrens books that sparked this doodle and one day i hope to return to it .


Serpent Head Turn Model Sheet

Here is the Head Turn that we are working with at present

another set of rough development ideas for This William James Studios

Here's the second, More refined Model of the Serpent. I would like to animate this creature at some point or see someone try their hand at it.
Any takers?? I think She could be fun to move around.

Hope you enjoy these's samples for this week.

Speacial Project for William James Films

This is a few pieces i roughed out for  a short subject that will be produced one day i hope.
These designs are still in the works will try to blog more as time permits.