Friday, January 7, 2011

Story board poses for leg transformation sequence

These were put together for the other artist to use as reference for how to stretch and utilize Aardvarks body keeping it organic pliable and cartoony we were shooting for a Tex Avery feel
with wild takes and extreme reactions and action.These drawings are not all from the sequence but just to get the idea over .Aardvark has just swallowed a mixture to give him supper fast speed the results are comical legs he cant control.

Gorrila Tree design For "Baby Makes Three" Episode

Here's another Bg based off one of my layout that I corrected that came in while the Layout artist did a competent job we needed to add the angular design more and other motifs into it, the painting turned out nice I think.

These are an assortment of poses complied from various shows of Ant and Aardvark for reference that i did or corrected from the Model Department.
Here are a few of the rough layouts i did for the shows the color one is not final it was just to give separation to the f.g and background.

E Here again is a BG that i revised the Layout to to create more rhythmic flowing patterns this B.G. was painted by Craig Simmons Or Kexx Singelton Cant remember which at this point but turned out nice.

Aardvark House Interior

this is a interior shot for the first Ant Aardvark Show Called Zeus Juice that i Story Boarded i have yet to see any of these shows i do now they have aired but hope one day to see the final product. We were trying to update the show creating a more Graphic Look we wanted to keep a resemblance to the old character designs that had been created by Corny Cole I believe. Corny was my art instructor for many years when i was a young artist i will be talking about my time spent with Corny on future blogs but needless to say Corney's drawings were beautiful and charming , and i looked at them alot for inspiration the new designs are far different i feel they still capture the essence of the old guys just with more streamline proportions, for there 30 year welcome back to the screen .John Over was at the for front of this goal and with the Producer David Corbett's enthusiastic interest in making the shows comeback a success and something new he allowed us to explore and reinvent the show. Johns comedy writing and story sense as well as his great design sense helped me to envision the final models with John, to get are old characters a new face lift for the new century these shows i think have some interesting design motifs and for the time and crunch deadlines that our small crew worked under i feel produced some wonderful episodes for Ant and Aardvark.

Ant and Aardvark show

This Artwork comes from a show I helped to design and developed its the remake to the Depatie Freleng series Ant and Aardvark show of the 1970s John Over and his wife Along with Craig Simmons were behind the painting style and I designed the background Layouts to get the style of the show up and running. these next few b.g are ones I created and a few were from other artist that i went over to put into the style of the our show.