Friday, January 7, 2011

Aardvark House Interior

this is a interior shot for the first Ant Aardvark Show Called Zeus Juice that i Story Boarded i have yet to see any of these shows i do now they have aired but hope one day to see the final product. We were trying to update the show creating a more Graphic Look we wanted to keep a resemblance to the old character designs that had been created by Corny Cole I believe. Corny was my art instructor for many years when i was a young artist i will be talking about my time spent with Corny on future blogs but needless to say Corney's drawings were beautiful and charming , and i looked at them alot for inspiration the new designs are far different i feel they still capture the essence of the old guys just with more streamline proportions, for there 30 year welcome back to the screen .John Over was at the for front of this goal and with the Producer David Corbett's enthusiastic interest in making the shows comeback a success and something new he allowed us to explore and reinvent the show. Johns comedy writing and story sense as well as his great design sense helped me to envision the final models with John, to get are old characters a new face lift for the new century these shows i think have some interesting design motifs and for the time and crunch deadlines that our small crew worked under i feel produced some wonderful episodes for Ant and Aardvark.

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