Monday, March 1, 2010

Some Animal Drawings

Here's a few panels from one of the Winnie The Pooh Films I've worked on these panels are not in order just some of the ones i liked done on sticky notes with marker and pen.

Here is another design I've been working on.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dumbo Sequel Designs

This is a main character from the Dubmo Sequel.

Here are a few rough i did at Disney to try and land a job on the Dumbo sequel Disney was planning to do and did start it was being directed by Robert Ramirez a fine talent and at the helm of Story was Burny Mattison who has worked At Disney Studios for well over 50 years he has worked with many of the best at Disney.I must say it was a pleasure to work with them and many other great talents on that project Including Caroline Cruikshank great animator,on this project she was lending her talents to storyboarding,Then what a privilege to have the critiques and additional help in design and boarding of the legendary Joe Grant he too a long time Disney talent and many others.Well needless to say i did get the opprtunity to work with them on this project, though it never did finally come to fruition it was great fun to work on those classic characters. These drawings i believe did land me that position.
I did Story boards and Charter Designs for it. I'll be posting some of the drawings i did here,Enjoy but please rember these are copyrighted to there respected companies so dont copy or distribute in any form thanks.

This page is of a variety of Model Turns that ive done for various studios over the years along with a few single pose drawings.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Disney Design for a project i was on at one time.

This was another old drawing I Did for Disney Consumer Products Division when they had me on the Dwarfs Merchandise program this is the rough and the tie down drawing that would go then to be inked by one of our Inkers .

Back during the production of Lion King i was working at Disney Consumer Products and i had the assignment of working on Lion King Style guide which would be used by the various toy companies and others to use our artwork depicting the film this stuff went on everything from shirts to shower curtains.

Maya school assignment

This was my first attempt at animating a rigged character. This is the Generi man free model that you can download. This is what the teacher gave us to work with. This scene of course is not finished I only blocked in a section of my scene. He supposed to have been nearly hit by a scooter and has recoiled and is supposed to be breathing heavily. Anyway this is what I had finished when the class ended. After that I got a job and was unable to go back and work on it any further.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Race

The Race Horse is another concept piece for possible short film Idea.

Boy Concept Sheet


Faline from Bambi 2 sequel this was such a great film to draw on while sequels are not in my opinion the way Disney should go I loved the privilege to go and visit the A.R.L Animation Research Library and get to view all the original master works of talented artists of that time Tyrus Wong Milt Kahl,Mark Davis, and so many others what a thrill.


Here is some design work of a Dog I will be finalizing it possible in Illustrator to get a vector line will be in a upcoming project I can not yet disclose.

Baboon Design suggestions

These are suggestions for Baboons for animated project.Also the color was done digitally

A jump back to the past

Here's a little scene I was able to salvage off a old video tape pencil test I did for Warner Brothers Classics dept. " Duck Dodgers In 3D "

These are a number of scenes I animated for Warner Brothers.
Classics "Duck Dodgers In 3D " The tape was not to good but the animation on these scenes worked well also the sound for the scenes was not on the tape I do think I have the sound somewhere so I will try to add it at some point on another post, so enjoy a peek.

Hair & Beard Suggestions

Here are some concept designs for hair & beard treatments.

Some random facial sketches.

Here's some life drawings from my sketch book's and elsewhere Enjoy

Life Drawing using markers to keep me loose and then tying it down some with a pen or pencil to give it a little detail.

This rough model was for a project at DisneyToons Studios that eventually was taken over to Feature Animation from my understanding. As far as I know is now shelved, probably a good thing to while I enjoyed working at DisneyToon Studios I had many opportunities to draw the great beloved characters of the classics, They should have been creating new projects and stories with new characters and original styles.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

These are designs I am working on.
These are copy written so please do not transmit, distribute or down load to any other site or up load. Please view only from my Blog