Thursday, January 5, 2017

Here's a little design I sketched out and decided to add some color to it .

Simba Nala Artwork I created for the Disney company

                                                 Simba & Nala form Disney's Lion King

Here's a small board section done when pooh and others think that Piglets lost forever they are very upset and walk away leaving Pooh by himself .

some scribbles

                                               These are some Doodles I drew in Photoshop

this is just some doodle done while a little bored
This Drawing of Tigger was from one of my scenes from " The Tigger Movie"
I did Character Layout and Animation ,as well as the models and Storyboard on the film, I don't know if I received credit for Story board but I boarded a number of sequences.

this drawing above is from DisneyToons Studios  "Piglets Big Movie" Back then I used markers to color in many section of my boards when I had time this drawing is from one sequence were the gangs looking for the lost Piglet.
A rough drawing of the Goof for Disney Consumer Products.
 Hers are three consumer Product drawings I worked on for the film before Lion Kings release. These were used on every product imaginable.
 I believe this one of Nala and Simba was for a Bradford Exchange Plate which I did a number of the plates with various moments from the original film depicted

 Here's a old scene I did for fun of The Great Prince form Bambi 2 I Had just finished working on this Feature as a Board artist and Character Designer. I was truly interested in the animation of this film and wanted to take a swing a such a difficult character. Did finish a rough and pencil test with the dial of Patrick Steward from the movie. Here are the thumbnails for the scene and two of the Drawings from the completed rough scene.

This young kid I created for another film idea I want to do He’s still in development but getting to were I starting to get happy with it.
Here is a development piece I started awhile back .
This development piece I created for a Personal Project that I’m working on, I hope to get the trailer done for this 2d Film one Day.
This was done during the production of Lion King for Disney Consumer Products, I believe it was for a cd rom and was printed on the cd as painted artwork. This of course is just the Line work.
This piece was when I was a Character Designer for Disney TV Animation they were doing
"Lady and the Tramp 2 "I was the lead Designer.

Here’s a Caricature that I did for Animaniac's skit from “Home Alone” this is one of the Burglars.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

 These drawings were preparatory to figure out a design for a character I was going to be storyboarding for a episode of a Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers Show.
 This design was trying to get a very Graphic Film Noir type.
 These Gorilla Sketches done for fun, hope you enjoy them.
Some quick sketching using a new brush that I found fun to play with.